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: Plot:

Ashwin(Jeeva) is a young, energetic photojournalist working in private newspaper. He once attempts, to capture the photos of Naxals who steal money in a local bank. He chases them, and manages to click photos of the robbers. But, he is chased by them and his vehicle gets smashed up. He runs for his life, and he sees Renuka(Karthika Nair) who pushes him down and helps the robbers to take his camera. But he luckily pulls out, the Memory Card of the camera. Police arrives on the scene, while the crowd doesn't believe that Ashwin is from Press. The police then recognize that he is from the press, by his I.D Card. He shows the photos to the cop, who identifies everyone except the gang leader (whose face is covered by a mask)

At his office, he meets Renuka who is newly joined as Article Editor. Saraswathi (Piaa Bajapai) also works in his office.

Vasanth (Ajmal Ameer) is now introduced as a fresh-young graduate who strives hard to enter the political field. Strongly he's is in contests with his rivals who capture the people at the time of elections by giving freebies and money circulation processes. No one cares about Vasanth and his team of graduates, who promise a healthy government to people. Their group name happens to be 'Siragugal'.

Meanwhile, Renuka involves herself in writing a cover story of a politician Aalavandhan, stating that he is forcing illegal minor marriage for him. Flamed by this, Aalavandhan urges into the newspaper office and shouts badly at Renuka who is then fired from her job for bringing down the name of the newspaper. Jeeva now risks his life, to capture the pics of Aalavandhan who actually engages in a child marriage. Later the story (with the pics) is printed in their newspaper and this makes, Renuka to fall in love with him. Saraswathi continues to have a crush on him, who later knows that he's in love with her. She unites them both happily.

Vasanthan organizes a political campaign meeting. Ashwin recieves a text on his phone from Saraswathi who informs him that there's a bomb underneath the stage. Ashwin runs to save Vasanth and manages to save him. Everyone's injured and Ashwin and Renuka finds Saraswathi fighting for her life amidst the riot. She later then dies, where the Intermission pulls up.

After the intermission, Jeeva finds Saraswathi being killed by some unknown person, in an Video Clip recorded by another photograher who happens to die in the mishap. He later finds out in his office that, the resemblances of the Group-Leader of Bank Robbery and this unknown killer is the same. He informs about this to Renuka. While cleaning up Ashwin's cupboard, Renuka comes to know that Ashwin and Vasanth are friends from college. While she asks about this to Ashwin, he says that he's helping wise and efficient men to take up the governance of the state and he has helped Vasanth.

Vasanth wins in the elections taking majority. What follows is a delightful drama with interesting twists and turns with a happy ending.


: Jeeva Ajmal Ameer Karthika Nair Piaa Bajpai
: K. V. Anand
: Kumar Jayaraman
: Harris Jayaraj



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