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Appavi Lotus Print

Appavi Lotus


: A clarion call

A movie carrying a mass theme always attracted attention. Appavi is one among the run-of-the-stuff that promises plenty of action. It takes on corruption, violence et all.

Due credit should go to directeor Raghuraj, who has mnanaged to make it an entertainer. One gets a feel of reading a newspaper as the movie unfolds. There are events that are close to reality in the movie. An intelligent filmmaker has woven romance, action and laced a campus-story in between to give more sheen to the movie.

Seemingly inspired by the liikes of Anniyan, Indian and other movies of same genres, Appavi is a movie that begins slowly but ends on an high note.Bharathy (debutant Goutrham), is a college student. He is known for helping everyone. A good-at-heart youth, he takes the other route in the night. he weeds out evil and corrupt men in the society. Their crude death creates panic among people and hunt begins for the killer. Interestingly there is an influential man Sungunisami (Mahadevan), a evil soul. Obviously there is a tug-of-war between him and Bharathy.

His daughter Ramya (Suhani) eventually loves Bharathy. In such scenario, a turn of events happens and how Bharath outsmarts everyone to let order prevail in the society forms the rest of the story. Venilla Kabbadi Kuzhu fame Suri plays comedian’s role while there is a cameo by actor – director K Bhagyaraj.

Goutham, though his debut film has played is role with ease. His body language and dialogue delivery deserve applause. He is more brainy than brawny. Equally god is Mahadevan’s character. Well-conceived by Raghuraj, Mahadevan fits the bill well. Suhani oozes glamour well. Then there is Krishnappa, Sampath and Manobala in the cast.Songs by Joshua Sridhar are good especially racy Echalakka song.E Krishnaswamy’s cinematography and V T Vijayan’s editing go hand-in-hand.

In the flip side, the pace is a problem and also many scenes seems to have borrowed from earlier movies.All said, the movie produced by Dhandapani, is a welcome change from romantic cliches.


: Prabhu, Goutham, Suhani, Thaslima, Mahadevan
: R. Raguraj
: V.L Dhandapani
: Joshua Sridhar


Appavi Lotus

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