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Karungali 2011

Movie: Karungali 2011
Year: 2011
Cast: Kalanjiyam, Anjali, Sunitha Verma, Asmitha, Srinivas
Direction: Mu Kalanjiyam
Production: Sri Gurujyothi films
Music: Srikanth Deva
Intro: Director Kalanjiyam, better known for his earlier film Poomani turns actor with Karungali, a film that took quite a while to be made. Ravi (played by Kalanjiyam) is an orphan who turns into hardcore criminal selling narcotics. His profession earns him the title ‘Pottalam’ Ravi. Right from the time he’s a boy, he shows leadership qualities. However, the problem is that he leads others like him into the world of crime. Ravi also has another major problem. He is addicted to sex and has a weakness for women. In fact, his weakness is so great that at one point, he turns into a necrophiliac. The story begins with Ravi, who is being hunted by the cops, saving the life of Kanimozhi, a doctor (played by Sunitha Verma) injured in an accident. Kanimozhi, needless to say, falls for him and much to the dismay of her parents, announces her decision to marry him. Desperate to save their daughter’s life, the parents ask a police official to drive sense in to the girl. He tries to do so by highlighting the criminal nature of Ravi through the testimony of a woman he has killed. The girl, one of the many people Ravi is shown killing in the film, is identified as Sengudi (played by Asmitha), a close associate of Ravi who has been with him right from the time of being a child. Sengudi loves Ravi with all her heart but finally ends up getting murdered by Ravi once he gets to know that she is carrying his child. Despite reading Sengudi’s testimony, Kanimozhi refuses to change her mind and weds Ravi after he comes back from the prison after serving a jail term. Ravi tells Kanimozhi that he is now a changed man. He claims that the discussions he had with certain people in the jail have enlightened him, making him a better person and she buys his story. Days pass by with Kanimozhi and Ravi leading a happy life. Kanimozhi starts discussing all her activities in the hospital with her husband including details of her patients. It is on one such occasion that she tells her husband about Amudhanila (played by Anjali), who is desperate to have a child. Amudhanila is married to Gunasekharan (played by Srinivas) and both are madly in love. Their only problem is that they don’t have a child. Desperate for help, Amudhanila turns to Dr Kanimozhi for help, who tells her that for treatment, both the husband and wife should come together. This proves to be a problem for Amudhanila as Gunasekharan refuses to visit a doctor because he thinks that once the doctor finds out that there is a problem with one of the two, the other would start hating the one with the problem. When Ravi hears about Amudhanila, he starts fantasizing about her. He tries to exploit her by making use of her helpless situation. Without his wife’s knowledge, he visits the unsuspecting Amudhanila one day and tells her that it is the doctor who has sent him to her on an ‘assignment’. He claims that the doctor has sent him to help resolve her problem of being childless. He urges her to consider him a ‘tablet’ that is used to cure diseases. Amudhanila is perplexed. Does Ravi exploit Amudhanila? Does the doctor and Amudhanila’s husband Gunasekharan find out about Ravi? Does Ravi get away with his exploits uncaught? The film deals with all of these questions. The subject in question is too heavy and has been handled in an insensitive way, making the film come across as a cheap, sex thriller. One wonders why a gifted director like Kalanjiyum ventured into making a film that is certainly not for family audiences. The director, it seems, has pinned his hopes on the titillating factor to make the film succeed. Anjali, Sunitha Verma, Srinivas and Asmitha seem to have done a good job in the film, the songs of which seem pretty ordinary. On the whole, Karungali is a taxing affair.


Karungali 2011

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