Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ayutha Porattam 2011 Tamil Movie Sruthi

Movie: Ayutha Porattam 2011 Tamil Movie Sruthi
Year: 2011
Cast: Akash, Preethi Meenal, Anitha Reddy, Saikiran, Neeraj
Direction: Akash
Music: Nandhan Raj
Intro: Ayutha Poratam is an action movie that deals with the usage of weapons for destruction, rather than for other useful purposes. Jai Akash sports a handsome look, and the two heroines provide the required oomph factor. Jai (Jai Akash), is a brilliant weapon designer, who has a drug problem. Preethi Meenal and Anitha Reddy are his colleagues. The weapon design team has just designed a new weapon, and when they show it to their chairman, he is impressed, and wants to put the design into production immediately. The chairman also suggests that the design team go on a team bonding and training obstacle course with the team leader, before the project begins. The company’s guest house in Sri Lanka has been chosen as the venue. The team leaves for their training, but when they reach the destination, they are met with a desolate place with no basic amenities also, and nothing like the luxury guest house they were promised. Also, the manager who was supposed to have come earlier and arranged everything is cospicuous only by his absence. Assuming even this as a test, and a part of their training, the team decide to rough it out. There is a constant undercurrent of romance, as both Preethi and Anitha are attracted towards Jai, but he doesn’t show any inclination towards both. There is a feeling that the team is constantly being stalked by somebody, and one by one, the members of the team start dissappearing, and when the team decides to leave, they find that the driver of the bus has been murdered, and when they decide to drive out by themselves, they are attacked by a group of people and the bus is damaged. Sensing that they will not be able to leave the place, they get back to their guest house, and decide to find a way out in the morning! But, will the few remaining members of the team survive the night? Will Jai fall in love? If he does, who will the lucky girl be? Who are the people who attack the team? Why do they attack the team? What is the similarity between the leader of the attackers and Jai? To know the answers for all of these questions, catch Ayutha Poratam at a theatre near you! This is an exciting movie, and there is a lot of suspense, action, and glamour in Ayutha Poratam! Jai Akash has handled the direction as well as the story and screenplay. Jai has taken up a sensitive subject, and handled it well. The script could have been a bit more taut, and the screenplay handled better, as a few scenes felt like they were being repeated over and over again. However, Jai Akash the actor scores. If you are in the mood for a fast paced movie, Ayutha Poratam is sure to satisfy you!


Ayutha Porattam 2011 Tamil Movie Sruthi

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