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Naan Sivanagiren 2011

Movie: Naan Sivanagiren 2011
Year: 2011
Cast: Udhaykarthik, Varsha, Aditya, Premkumar, Sugumar,
Direction: Gnanasekar
Production: C K
Music: K S Manoj
Intro: Naan Sivanagiren opens with a police inspector investigating a crime scene. He oozes stoic by comparing the sight of the murdered victim to drinking black coffee and abstaining from commenting on it on the pretext of keeping the media thrilled. He's back at work comparing this particular case to previous murders, deducing a pattern thus predicting the involvement of a serial killer. The audience is teleported to a house where an odd looking man is laughing at a television news reporter after being told that a murder had recently taken place. You connect the dots. This is a socially inept character named Prabhakaran (Karthik) who believes he's Sivan and takes it upon himself to murder any woman who breaches the institution of marriage. Upon noticing a random woman, Anitha (Varsha), cuddling a stranger's baby at a bus stand, he gets aroused and follows her. Prabhakaran spends the next evening opening up to his imaginary father about what a pleasant reminder she was of him. He tries to hook up with her, but in vain. Noticing sympathy in her eyes, he sees the possibility of a pity lay. He continues to chase Anitha, literally, where he has the opportunity to save her from rapists in the middle of the act at midnight. Rapes are known to leave people traumatized. This one does more good to its victim than bad, serving as an epiphany by opening her eyes to how much she is (and has been) in love with Prabhakaran. *peppy music number alert* The killer inside him can't hide from Anitha forever. She finds out about his alternate personality and sells him down the river. The incompetent Inspector, unable to find the killer himself, uses her help to find Prabhakaran. Instead of calling for backup, he challenges him to a fist fight. Good overpowers bad (again, with Anitha's help) and puts Prabhakaran behind bars. When asked why he committed those murders, he says he'll save it for the court- where he demands the media be present. And he narrates it to the walls of a near empty theatre. I listened though and being in luck, it was the most entertaining and hilarious part of the film. Thank you, director Gnanasekhar for making Prabhakaran's plight a big joke. Naan Sivanagiren has a diseased heart while its brain slowly crawls up its rear end. Attempting to interbreed Kattradhu Thamizh and Anniyan only shows the feeble attempt that director Gnanasekharan is willing to make. Of course, he is a man who believes he doesn't need to do any kind of research before making a film. I should've guessed that when the opening credits had the words Costumer and Makeup man. Message of the movie- If you're a workaholic, your wife will have sex with another man. Recent Reviews Rajapattai Review Rajapattai 8 am Number Veedu Review 8 am Number Veedu Mouna Guru Review Mouna Guru Uchithanai mugarnthal Review Uchithanai mugarnthal Mambattiyan Review Mambattiyan Neeye En Kathali Review Neeye En Kathali


Naan Sivanagiren

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