Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aduthathu (2012)

Movie: Aduthathu (2012)
Year: 2012
Cast: Sriman, Nassar, Darshini,
Direction: Thakkali Seenivasan
Production: Thakkali Seenivasan
Music: Peterbalaji
Intro: The upcoming Tamil film Aduthathu, depicts the story of a group of ten people who were sent to an uninhabited island for a TV reality show. In order to win the show they should prove themselves by coming across surviving, after facing all the inhuman conditions. The winner will be the one who survive and come across facing all these challenges. In between some strange things happen around them in the island. So they will start to find whats happening around them and the movie progresses through their thrilling findings.


Aduthathu (2012)

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