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Vinmeengal 2012

Movie: Vinmeengal 2012 Tamil
Year: 2012
Cast: Rahul, Vishwa, Shika Anuja Iyer, Pandiarajan
Direction: Vignesh Menon
Production: Maanas
Music: Jubin
Intro: Vinmeengal, a debut directorial attempt of Vignesh Menon, grandson of late director K Shankar talks about different facets of love and affection with the backdrop of a physical anomaly in the lead character. When a child is born with cerebral palsy, the cascading effect it has on the parents and the society they belong to and what happens when this child grows into a young man is Vinmeengal all about. Through his work, Vignesh Menon conveys to the society not to alienate differently challenged people but to help them integrate in the mainstream world. “They are physically challenged alright, but don’t make them mentally challenged too” seems to be director’s maxim in Vinmeengal. Plaudits are due to Vignesh Menon for his courage to take on such a serious subject while eschewing commercial elements in his very first film. And he has been ably aided by his crew both in front and behind camera. The handsome Rahul Ravindran makes his appearance after Moscowin Kavery and the young man has utilized his opportunity and has delivered the goods well. After a cameo in Yuvan Yuvathi, Anuja Iyer is seen in a substantial role in Vinmeengal and the understanding of her character is evident from her portrayal of Ila. The sequence where she comes in support of Rahul when her dad offers him biscuits to eat is one such example. Shikha after Kola Kolaya Mundirikka takes on a role of the mom of Rahul Ravindran and the maturity in her performance adds to the depth in her character. Viswa as the doting and sacrificing dad of Rahul is adept and brings out the emotions well. Despite knowing he has a cardiac condition, Viswa running in a race, pushing his son in wheel chair just to keep him happy is one small example. The surprise package is Pandiarajan who has donned on a different garb that brings tears from audience’s eyes not from laughter but from heavy emotions. The scene by the lake with Anuja, Rahul and Pandiarajan in serious confrontation is noteworthy of the performance of the artists involved. The confidence boosting dialogues like “we should not abstain from playing for fear of losing” help the main idea well. On the other hand, the scene where Vishwa uses cuss words at the school principal to show that his son is not hearing impaired appears implausible. Debut music composer Jubin impresses with his melodies and soothing RR. Ariyaadha Paruvathil is a pleasant ditty which is likely to stay on in the charts. Cinematographer Anand Jeeva does a neat job with his beautiful visuals of Ooty. As the subject is a serious one, the film is down on entertaining factors and it travels on a very somber path. It could be disturbing to see the lead man in wheel chair with his physical condition throughout that might need a brave heart to sit through the film. The genre demands a slow unraveling of the plot but this may not go well with the mainstream populace. Vinmeengal is likely to work with the audience who would patronize serious and emotion laden films but not for consumers of commercial cinema. Story: Eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first born, Naren ( Vishwa) and Meera ( Shika), a loving couple, are crushed when they learn that the baby has cerebral palsy due to complications that arose during pregnancy. Going against the doctor's advice, they decide to raise the baby on their own. The child grows into a young man ( Rahul), who becomes a teacher. He also falls in love with Ila ( Anuja Iyer), a divorcee. Will she accept his love? Movie Review: Vinmeengal, the debut effort of Vignesh Menon, showcases the potential within this budding filmmaker and the fresh cast, but in the end, you are likely to be left with mixed feelings. The director gives you an emotionally-charged story in the film's first half with characters that are immensely likeable, but criminally ignores them in the second half to deal with characters and events that aren't half as engaging. Watching Naren and Meera steadfastly raise their 'special' child amid difficulties is to experience the trials and tribulations that every parent undergoes bringing up their kids. The filmmaking also feels more mature here with shots that seem to have deeper meanings. These segments, at times straying into the realm of magic realism, speak to you directly and feel more personal. Whereas, the romance between Jeeva and Ila is quite the run-of-the-mill kind -- boy woos girl, she refuses initially but relents later seeing his oh-so-cute persistence, with the sole difference being that the boy is a 'special' person. The romance is never credible enough and in fact feels redundant by the time the film reaches it climax. In 'Aadukalam', Vetri Maaran tried to switch his antagonist halfway into the film and was able to pull it off with elan. Here, Vignesh, in a bold move, goes one step ahead and tries to switch his lead. For almost the entire first half of the film, we are led to believe that Naren is the film's protagonist but later, we are asked to root for Jeeva. Which would have been fine if Jeeva's episodes had been as compelling as the former's. But that is where Vignesh slips. Jeeva is nowhere as interesting as Naren, who, with his never-say-die attitude, love for his family and even his offbeat profession (he is a magician), has all the qualities you look for in a hero. Like Anuja says in a dialogue, you respect Jeeva for the manner in which he has held his head high throughout his life but are not able to love him.


Vinmeengal 2012 Tamil

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