Monday, August 13, 2012

Kaattu Puli 2012

Movie: Kaattu Puli 2012 Year: 2012 Cast: Arjun, Rajneesh, Amith, Jahan, Jennifer Direction: Tinu Varma Music: Vijay Varma Intro: A movie with Action King Arjun as hero would obviously raise expectations among action-lovers. To satisfy their appetite comes Kattupuli. More so when it is directed by stunt choreographer Tinu Verma, it promises aplenty. Does Kattupuli lives up to all hype is the million dollar question. The movie is about a group of people get struck in a forest. How they come out of the maze forms the crux. Story: Dr Sanjay (Arjun) with his wife Dr Shivani (Biyanka Desai) and Anjali (Dhanya), his child go on a picnic. But they get struck in deep forest. They are joined by a couple of lover couple in the jungle. They lose their way and undergo mysterious events. They bond with each other. Meanwhile they come to know each other well and decide to come out of tough situation. They encounter danger from a gang involved in killing people for organ theft. When they run for their lives, it is Dr Sanjay‘s valour that sets the ball rolling. He fights against the gang to save the friends. Performance: Arjun all the way. He puts up a great effort behind every scene. He is right there fighting and flexing his muscles. The big thing are the stunt sequences choreographed well by director Tinu Verma. The rest including Biyanka Desai, Shayali Bhagat, Rajnish, Hanaya, Jennifer and Tinu Verma play their part well. Analysis: The twists and turns are captured well. Three cheers to Tinu Verma for getting everything well. Rajendra Prasad’s cinematography adds strength. Vijay Varma has scored music, while dialogues are by A R P Jayaraman. The movie goes on a predictable path until action unfolds. But a sense of deja vu prevails as pone watch the dubbing movie. That feeling prevails. On the whole, Kattupuli is okay for Arjun fans.


 Kaattu Puli 2012

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