Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marupadiyum Oru Kadhal 2012

Movie: Marupadiyum Oru Kadhal 2012 Year: 2012 Cast: Aniruth, Joshna, Vani Kishore, Vadivelu, Suman, Y Gee Mahendra Direction: Vasu Bhaskar Music: Srikanth Deva Intro: Story: Jeeva (Aniruth), a medical college student, and Mahi (Joshna), who lives in London, fall in love without seeing each other. When Mahi's multi-millionaire dad (Suman) shifts to Chennai, circumstances result in Jeeva and Mahi getting married, though they never realize their true identities. A frustrated Jeeva, now a famous surgeon, becomes an alcoholic while Mahi tries to avoid him as much as possible. Movie Review: A boy and girl falling in love without seeing each other isn't exactly novel in Tamil cinema. Director Agathiyan did a pretty job in 'Kadhal Kottai' and later, even made a less effective sequel of sorts on the same idea with 'Kadhal Kavithai', which interestingly was also shot in London. Similarly, a boy and girl getting into a marriage in which both of them aren't really interested but are forced to live under the same roof too isn't new. You don't have to look beyond the masterpiece that is 'Mouna Ragam' for that. Still, it is possible for a filmmaker to come up with a fairly engaging film combining both these plots, as there is an inherent tension (will they or won't they) in such a storyline to keep a viewer hooked. Sadly, 'Marupadiyum Oru Kadhal' ends up as a disappointment despite such a promising and timeless premise. The chief reason for this failure lies in the script, which is listless. Scenes begin and end abruptly with some (the worst being an item song and a fight sequence) adding little significance to the story. There are a couple of opportunities that would have made the film interesting, but director Vasu Bhaskar totally misses them. For instance, a drunk Jeeva enters the bedroom and sees Mahi sleeping, her clothes in disarray. He goes towards her lecherously only to cover her up. And then, he finds a book (Othello), which also happens to be his favourite but just tosses it off. Imagine a situation where Jeeva realizes that the two actually have something in common and makes an attempt to get to know his wife. But the director isn't that ambitious and remains content with titillating the viewer with shots of his undressed heroine. And, let's not talk about the comedy track featuring Vadivelu which pops up now and then like a really wearisome commercial during an equally tedious TV show. The actor plays a quack, who gets his just dessert, but his comedy is lifeless and very similar to his previous ones. A much-awaited comeback this certainly isn't, and one would rather catch his best comedy scenes that are endlessly played on TV channels. Coming back to the film, it is an amateurish attempt with poor detailing. Mahi is the daughter of a multi-millionaire in the UK (who travels by helicopter and limos, and has a posse of bodyguards and underlings), but uses (of all things) a cheap laptop! And the lovers are shown chatting on Google Chat, while we are told the heroine uses a Yahoo id! Similarly, the hero uses Google search every time to access the online radio website he listens to daily! These might be little goof-ups, but they are glaring and laughable; worse, they are also indicative that very little thought went into making the film.


Marupadiyum Oru Kadhal 2012

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